Lanús prevailed over Aldosivi and climbed to the top

Lanús defeated Aldosivi as a visitor 3 to 2 in Mar del Plata for the ninth date of the Professional Football League, in a match in which he seemed to be heading for a win but ended up cornered by the reaction of Fernando Gago’s team, and the triumph allows you to assert yourself at the top of the tournament.

The match was played at the José María Minella stadium, with the refereeing by Pablo Dovalo, and in addition to the five goals, it included a penalty saved.

Lanús’ goals were scored by José Manuel López (3m PT), José Sand (18m PT and 32m PT from penalty kick), and the local goals were scored by Martín Cauteruccio (3m ST and 16m shot) penal).

With this result, the “Garnet” reached 19 points, and was affirmed at the top of the tournament alone, at least until the close of the date between Estudiantes de La Plata and Talleres.

Aldosivi suffered his second consecutive loss, after the 2-0 loss to River in Núñez last Thursday, but this time he showed the ability to react and was close to tying it.

Lanús struck from the start and managed to take the lead after 3 minutes of play, with a header from López that entered the far post after a cross from the right by Ángel González.

Stopped with a 4-4-2, Luis Zubeldia’s team waited after the goal for the opponent’s response, and capitalized on the spaces found on the left wing of the attack: through that sector López reached the bottom of the area at 18, and After a short cross, Sand pushed with his right leg half a meter from the goal and made it 2-0.

Without being able to settle in despite having greater control of the ball, Aldosivi became predictable in the search for the discount and insisted above all with centers on the right of Malcom Braida, who had the first goal situation for his team at 28, after entering with the ball dominated the area and define above.

In a new attack by Lanús behind Emanuel Iñíguez’s back on the left, the local side knocked down Lautaro Acosta at 32 inside the area and committed a penalty: a minute later, Sand transformed it at 3 -0 with a low shot from right.

Despite the fact that the rest of the game was announced as a formality for the visitor, Aldosivi regained some momentum at the end of the first half, with a half-lap from Federico Andrada inside the area that was diverted, and a left-handed rake from Emanuel Insúa on the left, which Lucas Acosta controlled without problems.

Gago decided to break the 4-3-3 for the second half: he put Francisco Grahl and Lautara Guzmán on the court, put together a line of three in the background, and the more aggressive approach of “Tiburon” gave good results from the beginning of the complement. , which was an inverted mirror compared to the first half.

At 3 minutes Aldosivi got the discount from a good climb woven between Emanuel Insúa and Andrada, and a center on the right that Cauteruccio pushed in front of the goal to make it 3-1.

Something exposed in the background, the local continued attacking with many people, and at 16 minutes, Lanús defender Nicolás Thaller knocked down Grahl inside the area, and Cauteruccio put the 2-3 penalty kick with a shot in the middle.

Luis Zubeldia’s team reacted after the second goal on its fence and had an unbeatable chance to extend the lead and breathe in the 24th minute, after a penalty by Emiliano Insúa on López, but José Devecchi stopped the shot from the twelve steps to Sand .

Despite the mental push from the saved penalty and cornering Lanús in his field, with good deeds from Andrada, Grhal and Guzmán, the Mar del Plata team failed to achieve the tie.

The next date, Aldosivi will visit Huracán on Friday, while Lanús will be local on Saturday against Sarmiento, from Junín.


Aldosivi (Mar del Plata): José Devecchi; Emanuel Iñiguez, Mario López Quintana, Emiliano Insúa and Emanuel Insúa; Pablo Becker, Gastón Gil Romero and Gastón Lodico; Malcom Braida, Martín Cauteruccio and Federico Andrada. DT. Fernando Gago.

Lanús: Lucas Acosta; Brian Aguirre, Nicolás Thaller, Diego Braghieri and Alexander Bernabei; Ángel González, Jorge Morel, Facundo Pérez and Lautaro Acosta; José Manuel López and José Sand. DT: Luis Zubeldia.

Goals in the first half: 3m. José Manuel López (L), 18m. and 32m. José Sand (L), the second penalty kick.

Goals in the second half: 3m. and 16m Martín Cauteruccio (A), the second from a penalty kick.

Changes in the second half: before starting, Lautaro Guzmán for Iñíguez (A) and Francisco Grahl for Lodico (A), 23m. Leandro Maciel for Gil Romero (A), 23m. Federico Milo for Becker (A), 28m. Tomás Belmonte for Pérez (L), 28m. Ignacio Malcorra for González (L), 28m. Julián Aude for Lautaro Acosta (L), 37m. Matías Pérez for Sand (L) and 45m + 4 Pedro de la Vega for Bernabei (L).

Admonished: Gil Romero, Iñíguez, López Quintana, Emiliano Insúa and Andrada (A), González and Thaller (L).

Referee: Pablo Dovalo.

Stadium: José María Minella, from Mar del Plata.

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