Justice claim for Abigail and other femicides in Mendoza

At least three hundred people gathered in San Martín and Peatonal and from there they marched south to Colón Street, then they went to Patricias Mendocinas and ended up in front of the Judicial Branch.

They also asked for justice for Viviana Luna, Gisella Gutiérrez, Lucía Inés Fernández, the transvestite Melody and other women victims of gender violence. Relatives of the victims spoke.

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Abigail’s mother took the microphone and expressed her anger at the release of the three men who were detained in connection with her daughter’s case.

Photo: Fernando Martinez / Diario UNO

The same collective complained about the decision of the Justice last week releasing Matías Díaz, Martín Márquez and Vicente Chumacero as the main suspects of the Abigail Carniel femicide, who was last seen on April 15.

“From Ni una menos Mendoza we want to express our deepest rejection of the decision of the Collegiate Criminal Court made up of Víctor Comeglio, Belén Salido and Marcelo Gutiérrez del Barrio, for freeing the three detainees for the femicide of Abigail Carniel, although one of them will continue to be detained in the framework of another cause, “the statement began.

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Not One Less was present at the march.

Not One Less was present at the march.

Photo: Fernando Martinez / Diario UNO


So far this year, 5 femicides have been committed in Mendoza. The victims of the femicides in Mendoza are Mercedes Zárate (28), Abigail Carniel (18), Daiana Aballay (24), Griselda Guerra (26) and Lucía Inés Fernández (14)

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