Jimena Barón made the official presentation of her boyfriend, Matías Palleiro: “Mr. Habano, the most beautiful “

Back and forth, yes, no. Who was he, if a sportsman, from the show business … What other famous people did he go out with? Are they hiding? Where did you meet? All these questions – and more – began several weeks ago to revolve around Jimena Baron and the new man who had stolen her heart.

And it is that after her break with him Tucu Lopez, and after having been singled out and harshly criticized for having retaken her link with Daniel Osvaldo, the owner of The Cobra He chose to keep his relationship under lock and key and take things “More calmly”.

However, both his teammates The academy Like the paparazzi, they managed to truly guess who was the person who conquered the singer: Matías Palleiro.

But until his name and image were revealed, the rugbier was nicknamed under the nickname of Mr. Habano, since he is a lover of smoking this type of cigars, and although his identity was revealed, that nickname was established.

After some images that proved her courtship came to light, now it was Jimena who decided not to hide anymore and through her Instagram stories she revealed to the world how in love she is.

The clip in which Matías appears, took place at a well-known and well-attended party that took place at the Palermo Hippodrome, where Barón was accompanied by friends, his representative and even Not Tinelli, and some time later the long-awaited athlete arrived at the bubble.

“Mr. Habano who falls with his camel covered, but wherever he goes is always the cutest”

Showing how he was dressed, and also how he moved his body to the rhythm of the music while smoking a cigar, Jimena wrote about the video: “Mr. Habano who falls with his camel covered, but wherever he goes is always the cutest.”

Likewise, she drew a heart showing the affection she has for her new boyfriend, but made it clear that that publication was not going to be taken very well by Palleiro: “I’m going to fart shit for this story.”


However, this was the first time that the Academy jury opened their hearts to rugby and officially showed that the relationship is going smoothly and that in addition to sharing moments of intimacy and affection, they know how to enjoy a mega party together.

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