Javier Pastore leaves Roma and looks for a club


Javier Pastore did not have a good time in Rome.

Pastore had been a couple of weeks ago appeared in Paris invited by PSG (club in which he won 19 titles) to the presentation of Lionel Messi.

Then, about that meeting he said: “I told him that he would be happy in Paris, that he would like the club and the city. He had only been there for three days and he said, ‘It’s amazing, I’m happy. I did not expect to leave Barcelona but I am happy, I want to play ‘”.

That appearance made it clear that the future of Flaco Pastore was not in Rome since that same day was the presentation of the campus and it was an open secret that he was negotiating his exit.

Javier Pastore – AS Roma l Skills, Assists & Goals l HD

At 32, Javier Pastore awaits a quick definition of his future to continue his career that started in Talleres de Córdoba and then took him by Hurricane, Palermo (Italy), PSG (France) and finally to Rome. Also, between 2010 and 2017 was part of the Argentina selection.

The first versions indicate that River would make an attempt by hiring you, you could also back to Workshops and other rumors link him to the United States MLS, more precisely to Atlanta United.

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