Japan has vending machines with AMD Ryzen processors on the street

But don’t be fooled, it looks like April 1st joke

vending machines are known for offering sweets, snacks or soft drinks in exchange for coins (or bills) and these are the most common here. But what would be your reaction to the pass by one of these machines selling processors? well, when it comes to Japan, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Although the machine is full of AMD Ryzen processor boxes, it seems that it is nothing more than a bait to attract the eyes of the curious and the enthusiasts. Unfortunately, of all that is written in Japanese, you can only understand the word “Ryzen”, so we don’t know if it’s any warning against not having those CPUs in the boxes.

In the video below, some Japanese go there try your luck and pay 1000 yen per box. Apparently, the boxes are from Ryzen 5 3600 which, in a quick search, you can find by more than 20 thousand yen. So paying a negligible amount for a product like this seems to be too good to be true, and it really isn’t.

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When opening the boxes, depending on your luck, can come one or several processors. In one of the open boxes it is possible to see that it had more than five CPUs inside and, to complete the weirdness, AMD and Intel processors together. you can see they are Old (or at least used) CPUs, as some even have rest of dry thermal paste.

It is not possible to identify any specific model and I could only understand youtuber saying “i5“. Again, it would be interesting to know what’s written on the machine, as being lured into a far below market value on a specific CPU would be a bad joke.

According to the WCCFtech, a AMD has achieved considerable success with its Ryzen processors in Japan, dominating with over 60% of the market over there. The feat started with the release of the Zen 2 based CPUs (Ryzen 3000), the supposed processors on the vending machine.

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The launch of the third generation of AMD Ryzen processors was so successful that the hardware store center quite famous for Akihabara had lines of people as it does when a new PlayStation or Nintendo is released there.


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Via: WCCFtech

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