It’s growing up! Mon Laferte boasts a photo of her pregnancy

MEXICO.- Mon Laferte surprised all his fans by announcing that She is expecting her first baby with her boyfriend and music producer Joel Orta, so he made it known through a publication on Instagram where he revealed that he was a little scared, but it is something that excites him a lot, as he wrote.

Now the Chilean singer and songwriter touched social networks by sharing a photo of her and her belly where she showed her three months pregnant, and full of happiness she wrote “I already have guatita (belly) and lion hair”, He uploaded to his stories on the social network.

His followers went crazy when they saw the tender photograph that moved several Internet users, as Laferte she was happy and proud of how her belly is growing, in addition to having previously commented on how excited she was to become a mother.

Despite having already published what it would be her first pregnant photoThis would be the first time that the interpreter of “Your lack of love” shared her physical changes with all Instagram followers, since her first publications only appeared she with a long pink dress and her head on the chair.

“These are my first pregnant photos. After a year of trying, finally!
A year of hormones I am barely 10 weeks old and afraid of losing it, but I couldn’t stand it anymore, you can’t run a career and social networks hiding something like this, a tour is coming and I must be uploading content to networks and it’s difficult for me, I feel different, I have very ugly hair and my weight It is a roller coaster, but the most important thing is that I AM HAPPY! I will be mom. I don’t know what I got into, but how beautiful life is, ”she wrote when announcing her pregnancy.

Netizens continue to celebrate the news

Since Mon Laferte shared with her followers that she would be a mother soon, her fans went crazy with the news and even joked about wanting to reincarnate as her next baby, so with her new photo showing her belly, several fans were moved and published tweets about it. .

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