& quot; It’s a Nicolás Maturana 2.0 & quot;: Fans destroyed a Colo Colo player for his level against Cobresal

Colo Colo fell 1-0 to Cobresal at the Monumental and finished his 15 game undefeated without losing, accounting for National Championship and Chile Cup.

During the match, the albos were not fine in the last meters and missed several scoring opportunities. The lack of effectiveness of the team caused repercussions among the fans of the “Cacique”, who attacked Ignacio Jara after he wasted a chance that could change the fate of the match.

Ignacio Jara received criticism from the fans of Colo Colo

At 54 minutes, Miiko Albornoz he sent a cross from the left and the midfielder headed only in the area, but his shot went wide.

For this reason, the former Cobreloa midfielder was filled with criticism from Albos fans on social networks for squandering the opening of the account in Macul.

This Wednesday, September 1, Colo Colo will visit Unión Española in the rematch of the Copa Chile semifinals. The duel will be at the Santa Laura, from 7:00 p.m.

The Colo Colo fans attacked Ignacio Jara:

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