It was a round afternoon for Dalugri, Villa Bordeu and Ferretería Marcelo in regular

Dalugri, Villa Bordeu and Ferretería Marcelo had an unforgettable Saturday, as they achieved promotion early after playing the 8th date of the Preparation Tournament.

Dalugri achieved the passage to the B of regulars, while Villa Bordeu and Ferretería Marcelo will play next season in the C of regulars.

In First A, Farmacia Meoni – which is already installed in the final by Group 2 – drew against a combative Ferro Expreso Pampeano 2 to 2.

Meanwhile, Marmolería Sáez defeated Carnicería La Tradition 3 to 0 in Group 1 and retained the minimum advantage over its escort Style Campo, who beat Cobro Express 14 to 0.

In Primera B, FM Cristal tied against Mantelec 2-2 and secured the final in advance, as Corralón Marino fell in his presentation.

For his part, Aguará gave the note, surpassed Estrellas Amarillas by 3 to 2 and left him without the forefront of Group 1. Now, in the absence of a date, Lycaions and Am Refrigeraciones share the top after winning this afternoon.

In First C, in Group 2, Dalugri achieved advancement to the B of regulars after beating Grupo Trois 4 to 3 and taking advantage of the tie of the guard Refrigeraciones Bahía.

In Group 1, Construcciones BC thrashed Kubo 4 to 0 and maintained the point of advantage over Rastro Vieytes, who also did his thing and defeated Gym Efi 5 to 0.

In First D, Club Villa Bordeau and Ferretería Marcelo were promoted to C as regulars.

Bordeu defeated bottom Transporte Dyl 5 to 0, while the Hardware store beat Desarmadero Rubiera 5 to 2.

In Veteranos A, Transporte Matu beat La Carnicería de José 3 to 1 and secured the final by Group 1.

And in Group 2, Dulce Hogar Kids was the only leader after beating April 11 2 to 1 and taking advantage of the setback of Club Telephones against Paint Shop Colorshop by 1 to 0.

In Veteranos B, Video Locutorio Cerri regained the forefront of Group 1 after beating MAS by 3 to 2 and was favored by the defeat of Agencia Martina against Arcidiácono 4 to 3 in a great game.

In Group 2, Pastas Della Nona beat HLB Service 3-0, although they still could not secure the final.

In Veteranos C, Millán Construcciones could not secure promotion by drawing without goals against Taller Paco (who is already in B) because Rastro Vieytes beat Marmolería Austral.

In Seniors A, Dublin – Group 1 leader – lost to Arcidiacon 2 to 1 and did not manage to reach the final early, since.

In addition, Auto Repuestos del Oeste, which already has a place in the definition, equaled FM Cristal 1 to 1.

Finally, in Seniors B, Pastas Della Nona and Ferro Expreso Pampeano there is no truce and both remain firmly at the top of Group 1.

In turn, the already promoted Canicería Carlitos equaled Pinturería Colorshop 1 to 1.

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