“In the hotel I leave you what you deserve”: he murdered his 2-year-old son and left him under the bed

Once again, Spain is shocked. Another filicide case shakes society. This time it happened in Barcelona. And the culprit has not yet appeared since he fled on the afternoon of Tuesday 24. At this time, the new data and the raids are added minute by minute.

10 days ago, the Argentine nationalized Spanish, Martín Ezequiel Álvarez Giaccio, 44, had left the house he shared with his wife and

his son of two years and nine months. After several crises, the Catalan had decided to put an end to her marriage. Álvarez Giaccio did not accept that decision, but he left home.

Without assuming that love was over, he spent day after day trying to change the woman’s decision. When he saw that she was unwilling to return, he seemed to give up. No one could guess what was going to happen on Tuesday the 24th. Sexist violence was about to appear.

Installed in El Vendrell, in the home of some relatives, the Argentine economist spent several days without seeing his son. Until on Tuesday the 24th, he called his wife and told her that he wanted to go out for a walk with the little one. She accepted his request. An hour later, he stopped by the apartment that had once belonged to the couple and took it away.

Two hours later, after receiving various aggressive messages and threatening to take her own life by her ex-husband, the woman was scared. Until the worst happened. The last text that had entered his cell phone was terrifying: “In the hotel I leave you what you deserve.”

The woman ran to the Concordia hotel, on Avenida del Parallel, in Barcelona. He knew that his ex-partner was living there. At the entrance of the place, he asked the receptionists if Álvarez Giaccio had entered there with his son. They said yes. That they had arrived holding hands. She begged to be allowed up to the room.

They did not allow it. She told them what had happened. From the hotel they gave notice to the Urban Guard. Police officers went up to room 704 accompanied by an employee. There was a knock on the door. Nobody answered. They opened. No one was to be seen. They called the baby by his name. There was no answer. They went through the bathroom and closet. Any.

Until one of the policemen looked down the bed. There was the little boy. It was not moving. They called the emergency medical service. Meanwhile, an agent was performing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers. The doctors arrived. For half an hour they made every effort, but it was too late.

No one will ever forget the heartbreaking cry of that mother when the death of her little one was confirmed. The little boy was murdered by his own father. Investigations determined that he choked him with a pillow and then hid the body. Then he fled.

The Argentine’s escape was recorded by security cameras. The Justice of Barcelona deployed a mega-operation to find the filicide. The Mossos d’Esquadra lead the search for the economist. Based on the images, they carried out several raids on the homes of friends and family. They also control train and bus stations, such as airports.

The Mossos de Barcelona analyzed the images they took of the murderer inside the hotel. He is seen leaving the room after the murder and jumping the wall that separates the pool from the hotel with a building next door. Thus he managed to flee from the scene of the crime.

“It cannot have gone very far, nor does it have the capacity to do so,” the researchers assured the Spanish media. They estimate that the man will surrender because his identikit is already published in all the media.

While the search for the murderer continues, the authorities show solidarity with the boy’s mother. Equality Minister Irene Montero wrote on Twitter: “Vicarious violence is one of the most cruel forms of sexist violence, to“ give where it hurts the most ”to a mother. It is also direct violence against children. From Equality, we send all the support to the mother of the murdered child in Barcelona ”.

For her part, the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, posted on Instagram: “Once again, we strongly condemn sexist violence, which has no place in a feminist and democratic city such as Barcelona. None of these crimes should be normalized.”

While the crime still outrages Spain, in Barcelona citizens were asked to join in a minute of silence in rejection of violence and to express their support and condolences to the child’s mother. A horror that, unfortunately, was repeated.

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