In Cafayate they invite you to donate hair to make wigs and help cancer patients

The director of the Fight Project in Cafayate, Lucia Ramos Frías, encourages people to cut their hair and donate it to make wigs for people with cancer and who have lost their hair as a result of the treatments.

In Salta, the organization Lazos de Amor has been doing something similar for just over four years and there are around 400 wigs, that’s why Lucia got in touch with the people in charge and decided to do the same in her city, to expand the solidarity movement.

In dialogue with Federal Multivision, commented that, the minimum to donate is 25 centimeters since it is what is needed to make a wig and “the hair can be dyed or permed, as long as it is in good condition.”

Regarding the impact that her work has on people, she commented on the case of a woman to whom, “we lend her the wig and she tells me that he did not go out to the street because he had no hair or that she didn’t look at herself in the mirror so as not to see herself even more ill ”, he mobilized her and decided to get involved.

This is just a sample of the impact it has on people’s lives affected by cancer having a wig thanks to the help of organizations such as Proyecto Lucha and the many people who collaborate with it.

If you are interested in helping this cause or requesting information, you can contact them through social networks looking for them as “Project Fight”.

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