Hurricane lo "snarled" In the end and still the lonely pointer

By Javier Oscar Schwab / [email protected]

Everything comes out round. Gustavo Echaniz’s team did not shine in the “Loma”, but it walks with the right foot and everything it touches transforms it into gold.

In the 42nd minute of the second half, the entered Iván Garone gave the victory to Huracán over Bella Vista, to remain alone at the top – now with 15 units – of the “Rubén Felipe Nieto” tournament of the Southern League.

The solution came from the relay bench -at 72 entered by Lucas Siamparelli-, at a time when everything seemed to be heading towards a sung draw.

The process, in general, was quite even and there were few situations in front of the arches, although Bella Vista was the one who proposed and the “Globe” who was crouched to take advantage of the spaces.

The keys

On difficult terrain, it became almost impossible to string together two or three touches. The ball and the permanent friction prevailed, in addition to some valuable saves from the archers Luján – he covered a tremendous hand to hand to Fermín Guzmán – and Alonso – he played it down to reduce before a low shot from Erico Walker – in opportune moments.

Echaniz found answers at the bank. First with the admission of Valentín Otondo by Fausto Lloyd and, later, with the opportunism of Garone, who ran them all and had his prize.

Otondo settled in better than Franco Antognolli in the middle, while the latter took center stage in the background, as second center-back, after a first half where he was surpassed by the substance, and the location, of the youthful Juan Mazzella, who has a physical, and similar movements, to those of “Pitu” Vogel.

Bella Vista lost one entry point due to injury -Díaz Bender left the court in the 23rd minute with a pull on his left calf- and was left on the court with too many “kids” -the debut of Agustín Reule (category 2004) took place – in the last quarter of an hour, where the rival’s experience weighed.

The data

Garone scored his first goal in five games. Bella Vista, as in the first date against Liniers, lost again in the “Loma” and accumulates 3 defeats in 6 games.

The goal

-At 42m. from ST. A long ball from Brian Scalco for Garone’s run. He stepped on the area paired with Tomás Díaz, who arrived first at the crossing and did not manage to clear completely. The forward fought it, took the rebound and nailed it up with a lethal right hand, which left goalkeeper Luciano Luján without reaction.

The referee

Juan Vega did not have major problems with the game, but with the issue of the cards. He admonished three Bella Vista players for rough play and did not have the same stick to apply the rigor with Huracán. The first and only yellow was taken from Antonio Andragñez in the 90th minute.



Lujan 6

T. Diaz 5

Walker 5

N. Díaz Bender x

Pacheco 6

Grippaudo 5

Mazzella 7

Ianni (c) 5

R. Gómez 4

Mayer 4

Santillan 5

DT: Horacio Schumacher


Alonso 6

Veron 6

The 5th

Lloyd 5

Cabral 5

Parra 5


Guzman 5

L. Navarro (c) 5

B. Scalco 6

Saimparelli 4

DT: Gustavo Echaniz

PT. There were no goals.

ST. Goal by Garone (H), at 42m.

Changes. 23m. Mellado (5) by Díaz Bender; 67m. Reule by Ianni and Sangronis by R. Gómez; 80m. Haring by Grippaudo and G. Díaz by Mayer, in Bella Vista; 53m. Otondo (6) for Lloyd, 72m. Gallegos by Parra and Garone by Siamparelli; and 89m. Andragñez by B. Scalco, in Huracán.

Referee. Juan Vega (5).

Basketball court. Bella Vista (bad).

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