Hurricane Las Heras suffered a tough defeat against Truckers

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3 ‘after the first half Gastón Baglivo from penalty scored for the green team from penalty. and at 39 ‘the score for that same stage increased Axel Musarela. In the second half he discounted Bruno Nasta, from penalty, for Huracán already at 29 ‘ Ezequiel Morales sentenced the result with the third goal for the local.

At the dawn of the game there was a dubious penalty for the home team that Baglivo exchanged for a goal. And then, six minutes from the end of the first half, he hit again with a good definition from Axel Musarela.

El Globo had chances to score, first with a free kick by Juan Pablo Varona that hit the crossbar of the goal defended by Matías Jara. Then, at 27 ‘, a header from Federico Giusepponi was well saved by the Green team goalkeeper.

The first half was even and the difference was in the effectiveness of the visiting cast.

In the second half Matías Minich left striker Fernando Núñez in the dressing room and bet on the youth Javier Peñaloza.

Hurricane Las Heras had his chances to discount what José Méndez generated and at 20 ‘came the discount with the penalty scored by Nasta, after a hand from Ferreira.

Toned, the Mendoza team went to look for a tie but the team chaired by Hugo Moyano liquidated it with Morales’ goal.

The Globe that came from equaling 1 to 1 against Juventid Unida and with this defeat in Esteban Echeverría he was located in position 13 with 21 units.

In addition, there are already three matches that he cannot win with two defeats and a draw. His last triumph against Sportivo Desamparados.

The goals

Compact: Truckers 3 vs Huracan 1

On the next date Hurricane Las Heras will play as a visitor again, it will be against Ciudad de Bolívar on the 21st date of the Federal A tournament.

The Synthesis

Truckers 3: Marcos Jara; Juan Ferreira; Cristian Belucci, Federico Sánchez and Braian Musarela; Gonzalo Baglivo, Agustín Briones, Axel Musarela, Facundo Moyano, Ezequiel Morales and Matías González. DT Livio Prieto.

Hurricane Las Heras 1: Alan Aldalla; Lautaro Talamoni, Adolfo Tallura, Federico Giusepponi and Juan Marital; Juan Pablo Varona, Agustín Verdugo, Luis Daher and José Méndez, Fernando Núñez and Bruno Nasta. DT: Matías Minich.

Goals: PT: 3′ Gastón Baglivo de penal (C), 39′ A.Musarela (C). ST: 20′ Bruno Nasta (HLH) from Penalty, 29′ Morales (C).

Changes: ST: at the beginning Javier Peñaloza for Núñez (HLH), 15 ‘Rodrigo Giorno for González (C), 22’ Joaquín Petino for Moyano (C), 27 ‘Lucas Agüero for Varona (HLH), 30’ Patricios Rodríguez for A. Musarela, and Gonzalo Vivanco for Morales (C)

Stadium: Truckers.

Referee: Gastón Monzón Brizuela (Río Tercero).

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