How was the talk between the waitress and China Suárez in which she told her about Vicuña’s infidelity

The separation between China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña caused a stir in the media and generated many doubts about the true reasons that led the actors to make this decision.

And, despite having endured various crises as a couple, both were together for more than five years and had two children in common -Magnolia and Amancio- so this news revealed by the Chilean was treated as a real bomb.

However, after the speculations that arose about the jealousy they had with each other, added to the bad days of coexistence, the news was known that Pampita’s ex-partner had been unfaithful to Eugenia with a waitress she met in Córdoba when he visited the province for labor issues.

According to the words of Estefanía Berardi, the panelist of the Mañanísima cycle, the young girl had an affair with the actor, but exploded in anger against him after seeing that he had blocked her on her cell phone so as not to have more contact with her.

Annoyed by this attitude, she decided to open her Instagram account and tell “everything to China in great detail”, where she made it clear that her-then-partner and father of two of her children had cheated on her without scruples.

“There was a specific situation that happened recently in Córdoba, where he went for work. Maybe they were already bad, they were bad … And China found out about this, and that is why there was a separation on this issue. But this crisis comes from before. The relationship has been worn out for a long time, “began clarifying the panelist of the program that Carmen Barbieri carries out.

He also revealed what was the trigger for the waitress to want to start a conversation with Suárez, the victim of this situation: “The girl told her because she ends up angry with Vicuña for this: In the intimate moment where they are together, he tells her that it was wrong with China. This was a while ago and he passed his WhatsApp to him. He said: ‘Schedule me, we keep talking, everything’s fine.’

“She told the whole situation to her colleagues, to her friends, even to her bosses. But when he went to fix the WahtsApp he found that he had blocked it. Imagine ”, Berardi continued detailing.

That is why, when seeing that action by the actor, the young woman from Cordoba who “fell into the clutches of Vicuña”, exploded in anger and sent messages to Eugenia: “This girl was quite angry because she felt that he passed the number only to look good after the intimate moment they had had, but really did not want to know anything more “.

So what did he do? Angry and re hot, she told China Suárez through Instagram. He told her in great detail “, explained Estefanía, who made it clear that she could not reveal exactly what the girl’s words were” for a matter of respect. “

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