How much will the polling station authorities be paid in the next elections?

The Ministry of the Interior reported through Resolution 108/2021 how much the table authorities will charge, both in the PASO and in the general legislative elections.

It was established that citizens who act as table authorities will receive $ 2,500 pesos as per diem. Meanwhile, it will be a sum of $ 1,500 for those who actually participate in the training activities recognized by the National Electoral Justice, prior to the primary elections.

The Resolution also set an amount of $ 4,500 for citizens who are designated by the National Electoral Justice as delegates at the polling stations.

While, the resolution of the political portfolio provided a sum of $ 1,700 for the judicial delegates who effectively comply with the submission of reports of events, incidents or additional data requested by the National Electoral Chamber.

What’s more, It was decided to pay $ 6,200 to the technological delegates of the National Electoral Justice, in voting establishments where the identity of voters is verified using biometric identification tools.

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