How much impact the donation of Alberto Fernández al Malbrán

Its goal is to design, propose and execute Health policies based on research, prevention, referential diagnosis and treatment of non-communicable toxo-infectious, genetic, nutritional and chronic diseases.As well as having primary responsibility in the production and quality control of immunobiologicals, in the coordination of laboratory networks and in the surveillance, control of outbreaks and epidemiological and clinical investigation of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, Malbrán stood out for having successfully sequenced the complete SARS COV-2 genome in Argentine patients, as well as being in charge of detecting the variants that circulate in the country, since the network of genomic surveillance laboratories is coordinated by the renowned scientific institute.

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Alberto Fernández offered a donation to the Malbrán Institute because of the party in Olivos

As in any scientific body, the costs for its operation are high. For that reason, the donation proposed by the head of state will have a negligible impact on the operation of the Malbrán. ANLIS has a budget of 3,586,589,816 pesos for 2021: that is, the President’s compensation is equivalent to only 0.017 percent of that amount.

The Malbrán, where the current Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, took her first steps as a fellow, did not escape the claims of state workers who, particularly in the scientific field, deepened their proposals for salary improvements and regularization in their positions throughout 2020.

In this sense, at the beginning of August, Vizzotti and the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, had visited the agency’s headquarters, located in the Barracas neighborhood of Buenos Aires, to report on the progress of the master works plan to strengthen the structure and the equipment of the renowned scientific institute.

After the act, the member of the Board of Directors of ATE Nacional and Malbrán worker, Flavio Vergara, raised them “the importance of advancing in job stability”, beyond some initiatives adopted in the first semester of 2021 on salary matters.

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