Horror in Mar del Plata: Aldosivi fans tied a man with a Lanús shirt to a post

With absolute impunity and before the gaze of the people who passed by, a group of Aldosivi fans tied a man wearing the Lanús shirt to a post minutes before the game that both teams played at the José María Minella stadium in Mar del Plata on Sunday afternoon. The appalling situation was recorded in a video in which it is even seen the presence of two minors who in the distance seem not to understand what the group of misfits is doing.

The images, originally broadcast by Canal Diez, went viral on social networks. “Tie it to the pole, tie it to the pole”, you can hear the order of one of the men, while they lift the victim’s clothes to show that he was hiding Lanús’s shirt under the diver. Insults and laughter are noticed that come from those who were wearing the Aldosivi shirt.

In the video you can see an extensive white rope and at least seven fans who participate in the moment in which they surround the victim.

The man tied to the post is known as “Gonzalito” and is a recognized Lanús fan, who was in Mar del Plata presumably to enter the stadium as a garnet close friend. In the images you cannot see the context in which this sequence originated, within the framework of a tournament whose matches are played without an audience due to the pandemic.

File image of Gonzalito, a Lanús fan, in a white shirt (Capture TNT Sports)

This attack occurred before what was Lanús’s victory 3-2 to Aldosivi for the ninth round of the Professional League of Argentine soccer, thanks to two goals from José Sand. The South team remains the leader of the standings.

José “Pepe” Sand, twice, and José Manuel López scored goals for Granate, who went into halftime with the result 3-0 in their favor. Those led by Fernando Gago reacted in the complement and discounted thanks to two appearances by Martín Cauteruccio. / TN

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