Hilton Hotel in Rosario: the project has not yet been unlocked in the Council and there were some crossings

The arrival of a Hilton Chain hotel in Rosario in the San Lorenzo and Presidente Roca area has not yet been unlocked. The project agreed between the developers and the municipality did not achieve progress in the Council. In the midst of the political campaign, which helps little to advance with large-scale proposals, the initiative continues to be discussed in the Planning Commission. From Ciudad Futura they rejected some proposed axes. Likewise, the votes of the entire Progressive Front and Together for Change seem to be there and with that it would be enough for development to reach the venue.

The project to erect a building and a hotel in the San Lorenzo and Presidente Roca area was addressed on Monday, August 23, in the Planning commission through the Zoom platform. And it was treated again today.

The mayor Fabrizio Fiatti, from Creo, the political force led by Mayor Pablo Javkin, indicated last Monday at the beginning of the meeting that “two documents had been added to the file: a report from the individuals who intend to raise the Iconcenter (thus it will call all the real estate development) and one of the Planning Secretariat, where data is required and compensation is mentioned ”.

After that, Fiatti asked that the project be given a Planning step to the other two commissions that must analyze the file; Ecology and Government. Councilor Renata Ghilotti, from PRO, in a first speech, expressed her agreement.

However, the first rejection immediately appeared. Jesica Pellegrini, from Ciudad Futura, indicated that this force will not accompany the initiative because “the volume is very high for that sector of the city.” “They are asked to be 61 meters high, when the maximum is 54,” he explained.

Then, he mentioned that “the boundaries are scarce: instead of 10 meters, they are 6 and 4 meters.” “There are no convincing arguments,” he added, already focusing on deeper technicalities. He also criticized the compensation that the entrepreneur must make to the municipality.

“They are 10 percent of the total development, when they should be between 10 and 15 percent. The exceptions have more to do with the type of project than with benefits for the city. The capital gain is very low ”, he closed.

In turn, the mayor Agapito Blanco, from Cambiemos, said that the doubts had already been answered. “The investment is almost 9 million dollars and the generation of genuine work is very important. There is no generation of employment of that magnitude in the province, and it is ahead of any other argument, ”he said.

Meanwhile, later the councilor Fernanda Gigliani raised some doubts: “We do not see the project negative, nor that everything is positive.” “What we do understand is that this type of special building projects should be done not in the area of ​​primary road layout, but in large avenues, in front of parks,” he added.

It was after that that the PRO once again defended the proposal. Alejandro Rosselló mentioned that “the greater height has to do with the nature of the project.” “We are talking about an urban intervention that improves the city center, which must be reactivated,” he added.

While Agapito Blanco reiterated that “the 9 million dollars of investment are equivalent to 1,000 million pesos, of which 500 million will be provincial and municipal national taxes.” To which he added the employment of “carpenters, blacksmiths, from the kiosk that sells sandwiches on the corner of the work.” “This is an objective data, which is incontestable, genuine employment,” he closed. The file was under study in the commission and thus finally could not advance. Nor did it prosper this Monday.

The work

Iconcenter would be the first mixed-use complex that the center would have if the file was approved by the Council, which is now going to serve 8 months in the Planning Commission.

Specifically, it is a development designed for the block comprised of San Lorenzo, Roca, Santa Fe and Spain streets, which will have a superior three-star hotel corresponding to the Hampton by Hilton international chain; apartment tower, pedestrian promenade, commercial premises, gastronomy and corporate spaces. The same is in charge of the local companies Argenway and MSR, which sealed a strategic alliance to be co-developers.

Although it has not advanced yet, in the Planning Commission the project would have the positive votes of Ghilotti, Blanco, Rodrigo López Molina (Let’s change) and Fiatti.

Meanwhile, in Ecology and Government, the two commissions that it should go through later before arriving at the venue, the safe votes are three, so it will depend on Socialism with Mónica Ferrero and Verónica Irízar. Although everything would indicate that they would give their approval and the situation would unravel after the elections.

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