“He’s Like That”: Netflix’s New Romantic Comedy

MEXICO.- “He is like that” is a romantic comedy that would be the remake of “She’s like that” (1999), directed by Robert Iscove that became a box office success at the time, however the new film adapts to current generations where influencers and social networks will be the main conflict for the protagonists.

In the original film, a young man bets with a friend to try to make any girl the queen of high school, but he must choose the least popular and who they thought were unattractive. However things get out of hand when in the process they both fall in love.

“She is like this”: original film.

Now, in this new opportunity for Netflix with “He is like this”, the roles are reversed and now a young woman is the one who will make the bet to transform the less popular boy into an unrecognizable heartthrob. The protagonist will be Padgett Sawder (Addison Rae), a popular influencer who Discover that your partner was unfaithful thanks to a video that goes viral among all the young people in the school.

After being humiliated, Padgett decides to save his reputation as popular and accepts a bet from his friends, which consists of changing Cameron Kweller (Tanner Buchanan), who is considered as high school big loser. The mission will be for the king of the school dance to win.

Without straying from the original film, the bet begins to be in jeopardy when the protagonist begins to feel attracted to Cameron and his personality, so she puts in a tightrope his attempt to regain his influencer fame.

“He’s All That” was produced by Andrew Panay, Jennifer Gibgot and Bill Block with Miramax, Ethea Entertainment and Offspring Entertainment, as well as being written by R. Lee Fleming Jr.

During this weekend, several Netflix users decided to see the new productions that joined the extensive catalog of the platform, one of them being the remake of “She’s all That”, although it had various comments that divided opinions, some netizens they agreed it was a great movie and a good option for a quiet afternoon.

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