Gunshots: Two men were murdered from a car in the southern zone

Two men were killed this Sunday in the southern zone. According to the first reports, they were shot at from a runaway Chevrolet Corsa car that fled. Both were transferred to the Roque Sáenz Peña Hospital. One of them with a wound in the eye area and the other in the skull. Due to their severity, both were referred to the Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital but they were unable to survive. The victims were identified as Sergio Rubén Caminos, 35, and Jorge Gabriel Flores, 57.

The incident occurred after 10 pm this Sunday when in the area of ​​Alice and Lamadrid several detonations of firearms were heard that hit the victims. Neighbors of the place called 911 and upon arrival, they found Caminos and Flores badly injured.

Both were taken to the hospital. Caminos arrived dead at Heca while Flores, who was hit by a bullet in the skull, entered a reserved state and died after 12:30 on Monday. The case was left in the hands of the prosecutor Marisol Fabbro who ordered investigative measures to elucidate the fact. The transfer of the bodies to the Medical Legal Institute was requested for the autopsy, in addition the Criminal Cabinet worked at the scene of the incident, surveying the scene.

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