Gerónimo Núñez got a good result

In the official broadcast of the race, which was broadcast through Public TV, they made the classic tour of the grid. This was before the test started, of course.

The field journalist walked between the cars from note to note with the protagonists, who were waiting for the start. Upon reaching the middle of the peloton, the person in front of the microphone was Mateo Núñez. Our pilot was, like the rest, brief in his concepts. A kind of premonition came from his words. “It is going to be a difficult race. With many touches and several interruptions. The Security Car is going to have to work a lot ”, anticipated, word more less, the young man from Rio de Janeiro.

The journalistic work continued. Mateo’s statement was confused by the auguries and details of the others.

The race started and the action had to stop from the start. It was due to a problem that one of the cars suffered, seconds before starting. This forced one more previous round to deduct one round from the total scheduled for this eighth date of the Argentine Championship of Class 2 of National Tourism. The second start was good. And valid. But at the meters, there was already the first touch that caused some confusion and the intervention of the Security Car.

It was on the third lap that the race was relaunched. So far nothing had happened. The leader continued to be Miguel Ciaurro and the Núñez family remained in their starting positions, Gerónimo eighth and Mateo fourteenth.

The eldest of the brothers began to move forward in line. He did it a couple of places first. Then, on the sixth lap, he overtook Alejo Borgiani and finished fifth.

Back, Mateo was involved in an incident unintentionally and lost several positions. From about 30th place, he had to start over.

Reaching the middle, another sheet metal hit and another interruption. This brought Geronimo closer to the leaders. But it wasn’t until full throttle returned.

With three laps to go, the member of Alquat Motorsport took fourth place in the row. While looking to get to the podium, he had to be careful not to lose the place he already had. With Facundo Bustos he had a more than interesting hand in hand. And dangerous. If they even touched and a product of Rio de Janeiro, he almost ended up spinning. Luckily, Gerónimo was able to dominate Etios but lost ground in the fight for third place. And it was too late to get it back.

Of the 35 cars that started the race, more than a dozen failed to complete the test. As many were left with turns below those scheduled.

The best times of yesterday, at the Juan Manuel Fangio de Rosario racetrack, were these:

1 ° Miguel Ciaurro 32m55s081

VW Trend

2nd Facundo Leanez 32m55s989

Toyota Etios

3° Juan I. Canela 32m56s454

VW Trend

4th Gerónimo Núñez 32m57s890

Toyota Etios

5 ° Facundo Bustos 32: m59s408

VW Trend

6th Alejo Borgiani 32m59s671

VW Trend

7th Sebastian Pérez 33m03s595

Chevrolet Onix

8° Maximiliano Bestani 33m03s631

Fiesta Kinetic

9° Damián Kirstein 33m06s817

Peugeot 208

10 ° Juan Martin Eluchans 33m10s021

Nissan March

What Mateo said came true. Most. It was not a pretty race. The constant interruptions dull it. Also some excitement. Most of the pilots had a hard time passing. Many, when trying to overcome cars, ended up either demanding and breaking the engine or colliding with some other unit.

Fortune had those who finished whole. And, also, those who scored points. To value it, and a lot, to this.

Gerónimo had a great weekend. Especially considering that he raced with extra kilos in the Toyota Etios. Ballast that he must have carried after having won the previous day, in Concepción del Uruguay (Entre Ríos).

Where there was a lot of emotion was around the track. It is that for the first time this season, the public returned to the APAT competitions. He did it with a reduced capacity. 3,000 people enjoyed this motor show as before the pandemic.

The continuity of the 2021 championship will take place next month. Of the ninth date, it is only known, at least until now, when it is going to take place. It will be the weekend of September 17-19. What Emanuel Moriatis, and the rest of the APAT leadership, has to define now is the place where the action will take place. Candidate cities there are many. These are waiting, like the rest, that the TN bosses finally choose one. What is coming is the final part of the contest. The definition is eagerly awaited. Especially by the three who are now at the top of the general classification. These, Lucas Tedeschi, first; Miguel Ciaurro, second, and Emanuel Abdala, third.

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