García Gurrea case: traces will be compared with a blood sample from the mother

Next Thursday, Cristina, Gabriel García Gurrea’s mother, will have a blood draw to eventually compare DNA with the traces that were raised through luminol and that are now being examined by the local Scientific Police, due to the disappearance of the man. more than 3 months ago.

The samples for comparison will be sent next Monday to the Scientific Police of Mar del Plata for study, regardless of the result obtained from today’s expert chemical analysis in Bahia.

At the Misioneros and San Lorenzo headquarters, experts are seeking to determine whether the stains located from the luminol test, in the review of four hijacked vehicles and in houses raided a few days ago, are of animal or human blood.

Luminol – a chemical that sprayed in dark environments makes it possible to detect erased or washed blood spots from the response with a bright blue color – had yielded a more marked positive result in the trunk of the Citroen C4 belonging to Tamara Pampín, daughter of Pamela Antúnez, a partner of Gabriel and the last person who saw him alive, on May 19 last.

The investigators were in charge of clarifying at that time that the evidence could only be indicative since Pampín’s husband, Sergio Castillo, currently detained in jail, has a history for acts of cuatrerismo and has been arrested with dead animals inside vehicles.

The Ford EcoSport of Antúnez and the Ford F-150 and Toyota Hilux trucks of Marcelo Campetella, a neighbor and alleged lover of the woman, were also reviewed.

As for the addresses, a sample with some forcefulness showed the house of Cristian Pampín, Tamara’s father, in Antonio Alice 1200 (Grünbein).

Beyond the conclusions in the Bahiense Scientific Police – it is unlikely that there will be any news today – the prosecutor’s office that is processing the case for the search for Gabriel has already formally ordered and notified the parties of the blood extraction to the mother of “Tibu “and the sending of the samples, for comparison, to Mar del Plata.

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