Fury in Miami: they asked him to wear the chinstrap, he got angry and wanted to destroy the airport

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The Miami airport was the scene of a fit of fury. A young man reacted very violently after being asked to wear a mask to prevent the spread of covid-19: he insulted and physically assaulted employees, and also kicked and threw part of the furniture into the air. He ended up arrested.

A video that went viral on social networks shows the moment when a man in a black shirt with a cap and without a mask confronts employees of the air terminal. At first, he yelled at them and made aggressive gestures.

Then he began to tear down the containment tapes and kicked a wet floor marker. Finally, he tried to deliver a blow to the face of one of the employees.

From the airport they issued a statement in which they reported that the passenger was detained by the Police. At the same time, they recalled that the use of tabocas is mandatory due to the pandemic, and expressed that they will not tolerate any type of aggressive behavior.

After the repercussion of the event, the local media reported that it was a war veteran who was going through a crisis and was referred to a specialized hospital for admission.

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