Florencia Peña dressed up as a Playboy bunny and everything burned

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The images of Florencia Peña collected more than 125,000 likes in a few hours. It also had more than 1,000 comments. Obviously, the interaction that the actress who played Moni Argento in Casado con Hijos generates with her audience is very particular.

Florence Peña.jpg

The fact is that although there are many who bank it to die for its freshness and spontaneity, there are others who criticize its posts for “berretas” or “fats”. There are even those who brand Florence Peña of “immoral”. It will not be much?.

It is not the first time that Florencia Peña has been encouraged to propose some play and eroticism through her Instagram profile. As is known, Flor is very uninhibited in sex and has even said that Argentines “co … bad.”


In one of his most remembered publications, Forencia Peña was encouraged to wear garter belts and an animal print thong, with a white shirt and nothing underneath.

Also Florencia Peña has used other sets of underwear with super daring and sexy design. She has even dressed up as Mama Claus, which has generated thousands and thousands of likes.




Florencia Peña is 46 years old, and has three children, all three are boys: Tomás and Juan (the result of his relationship with Mariano Otero, who was his partner until 2012) and Felipe (the result of his relationship with his current partner, Ramiro Ponce de León).

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