Flame Antibodies May Help Complement COVID-19 Vaccines

In the fight against the coronavirus, humanity could have unexpected allies, the flames. According to the initial promises of a Belgian biomedical company, Flame Antibodies Could Play Important Role in Global Fight Against Coronavirus, so I inform REUTERS.

Researchers from the VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology in Ghent, Belgium, say that lAntibodies extracted from a flame have mitigated virulence of coronavirus infections, including variants.

The technology complements the work of vaccines by protecting people with weaker immune systems and working as a treatment in hospitals.

What is striking is that the antibodies have shown a “Strong neutralization activity” against the Delta variant, said Dominique Tersago, medical director of VIB-UGent’s spin-off ExeVir.

The researchers hope that clinical trials in healthy volunteers, started last week, will be effective and that the medicinal use of the new discovery can begin.

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