FIFA 21 promotes pre-season for FIFA 22: get rewards for the next game now

Packs and consumables can be purchased during this special period

through the official site from the developer, the EA Sports announced that the preseason of FIFA 22 has begun. Whoever participates in this event now, in the FIFA Ultimate Team 21, will receive a lot of bonuses when starting the latest edition, which will be available from the day September 27th.

Who buys the version Ultimate, which is being sold by R$ 499,00 in the ecosystem Xbox, e R$ 498,90 for PlayStation 4 e 5, will be able to play four days before the world premiere.

the players of PC they will pay considerably cheaper if you are interested in the more expensive edition. The price charged by Edition Ultimate for computer will be R$ 349,00 – however, unfortunately, those who choose this platform will not be able to take advantage of the technical evolutions offered with the technology HyperMotion.

Look what can be achieved now:

Players and players will have the chance to unlock rewards in FUT 22 throughout the entire Preseason in FUT 21, including Packs, Consumables, Player Items on loan and more.

During the first week of Preseason, you can earn rewards that will help you get started in FUT 22. By completing Select Objectives and Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 21, you will unlock the following in FUT 22:

2x FUT 22 Coin Boost (5 games x 1,000 coins)

The FUT 22 Daily Warm-Up DMEs will be released; complete 5 in a row to earn the Coin Boost group reward for the corresponding Objective.

FUT 22 Starter Pack – Includes the following:

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5x Interlocking Styles (Guaranteed Shadow/Rattlesnake)

5x Rare Gold Player Contracts

1x FUT 21 Uniform Choice (Choose among the Chaves, Venice Beach FC, Alive & Kicking, Future FUT Stars) uniforms

Player Gold Pack

Your Own FUT 22 League Package – Includes the following:

1 Bundesliga 3 Player Gold Bundle (1 Rare)

1 LaLiga Gold 3-Player Pack (1 Rare)

1 Bundle of 3 Players Ligue 1 Gold (1 Rare)

1 3 Player Premier League Gold Pack (1 Rare)

1 Serie A 3 Player Gold Pack (1 Rare)

  • “The Best” Package Contents

    Don’t miss this one! Celebrate the return of some of the best Special Player Items from the FUT 21 campaign in bundles.

This game will be present on old and current generation computers and consoles – Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X/S.

And, going back to the technologies that will be available in the current generation machines, we will have the HyperMotion, a tool that uses machine learning to analyze in real time and improve the positioning of players during the match, thus making their reactions more natural and consistent with reality.

According to SHE, more of 8.7 million of frames are being studied with the machine learning – thus improving reactions and animations in real time.

The version of Nintendo Switch will not present the technical evolutions present in the most powerful consoles, as already confirmed by Electronic Arts.


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