Fernandez: "Not one of them came to support to get a vaccine or a respirator"

President Alberto Fernández affirmed that the pandemic was “used by some to cast a blanket of forgetfulness over the recent past,” he asked the public not to be “confused” by “sterile and useless” debates, and confirmed that his government knows how to build “another Argentina” because he is not “an employee of the banks or large corporations.”

“In the first three months that we were able to govern, we recovered the real salary by 6 points, but in the third month, when we were recovering from the pandemic that was Macrismo, the pandemic that hit the world came,” said the President in La Pampa, in a speech in which he made a detailed comparison between the policies implemented by his Government, despite the impact of the coronavirus, and those applied during the administration of Cambiemos, two years ago.

Among the questions to the presidency of Mauricio Macri, Fernández highlighted the “millionaire debt in dollars” that Cambiemos officials “left unpaid”, which forced his government to have to “negotiate with one to one of the private creditors” , with whom a “10-year” extension of the payment term was reached and the “savings of more than 37 billion dollars.”

“They took the debt, they escaped between the PASO and the general ones (of 2019) and they let 23 thousand something million dollars escape and now they come and explain to us what we have to do,” the head of state ironized about the officials of Let’s change, which, he said, show a “astonishing impudence” and it seems that they “tease people” when they affirm “that they did not take on the debt they took.”

He warned that, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, “not one of them came to help get a vaccine, or to get a respirator” and there was none that “provided a solution” to the emergency caused by Covid-19 .

“We took a deep breath and pushed it forward; others use Twitter and scratch themselves, we’ve already seen it, that’s what they do,” said the President at the “Castelvecchio” Social Complex, in the city of Santa Rosa, together with Governor Sergio Ziliotto and other national and provincial authorities.

Shortly before, Fernández visited the company Apex Metalúrgica SA, supplier of oil supplies for the Vaca Muerta fields, within the framework of a federal agenda that this week included official visits to San Juan and Catamarca.

The contribution to the economy and technological development of the country by this metallurgical company was valued by the President in his speech, in which he recalled that, on the other hand, during Macri’s administration “23 thousand SMEs closed and Argentines reduced by one 30% milk consumption “.

“That was the Argentina that they left us,” he warned and mentioned that Cambiemos had “the complicit silence of some media.”

He contrasted the fact that his Government, on the contrary, prohibited the exports of respirators so that the State could buy all the available units and distribute “4000 (of them) in all corners of Argentina”, as part of a management that believes in public health and a state that “repairs the inequalities that society creates.”

“In Argentina that we dream of, the State helps those who produce, those who produce invest and provide work; we are not the ones from the financial scam,” said Fernández and complained about those who now demand that he “quickly close an agreement with the IMF “.

That “means that we grant what the Fund demands and it can only translate into pain for our people and I am not there for that,” he warned and added: “For that, look for someone else.”

“I know who I represent: each Argentine; I represent the interests of that businessman who invests, of those who produce in agriculture and livestock; the interests of the creditors have already been represented by them and that’s how it was,” he stated.

“We know where we come from and where we want to go; we are capable of recognizing errors and correcting them; we do not owe any explanation to corporations, we are not employees of banks or large corporations; we know who we represent,” emphasized the President.

He ratified that his Government is “sure that there is another Argentina to build”, in “unity” and asked the citizens and the leadership to move away “from that place where the sterile, the useless is debated,” instead of discussing “the important” .

“We want Argentines with work and not with social plans,” he declared and recalled that former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner “left a country with 200 thousand social plans,” but he received an Argentina that had “800 thousand social plans in force.”

“Who impoverished Argentina? He asked himself and recommended:” Don’t be confused.

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