Evacuation flights resumed in Kabul, after the attacks and explosions

Evacuation flights from Afghanistan resumed with renewed urgency on Friday, a day after suicide militants from the Islamic State (IS) killed more than 100 people, including 13 US soldiers, attacking thousands of desperate Afghans fleeing the country with bombs and rifles after its capture by the Taliban.

The United States warned that there could be more attacks like Thursday’s at Kabul International Airport before next Tuesday, the deadline for the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan after their defeat in 20 years of war against the Taliban.

As calls for Friday prayers echoed from Kabul mosques and mingled with the roar of airplanes leaving the airport, the eager crowd on the outskirts was as great, as it has been in all the last days since the fall of Kabul to the Taliban on 15 August.

Dozens of Taliban fighters, with heavy weapons, patrolled an area about 500 meters from the airport to prevent people from passing further, reported the news network BBC.

Thursday’s attacks killed at least 97 Afghans, The Arab news network Al Jazeera reported, quoting its own correspondent in Kabul.

The United States said Thursday that 13 of its soldiers were also killed and 18 wounded in the bombing., the largest loss to the US military in Afghanistan since August 2011.

The attacks were claimed by the Afghan branch of the jihadist group Islamic States (IS), which in Afghanistan has been nurtured by former Taliban with a more extreme view of Islam than the Afghan militia, now in power.

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