Erlensee aggravates Hanau’s situation – SG Barockstadt punishes pomady Alzenau

Two home wins in the Hessenliga A caused a sensation at the weekend: On the one hand the 7-1 victory of SG Barockstadt Fulda-Lehnerz against relegated regional league FC Bayern Alzenau and on the other hand the clear 4-0 of 1. FC 06 Erlensee against the ambitious FC Hanau 93, which remains pointless.

More than just fought: 1. FC 06 Erlensee (white) beat FC Hanau 93 4-0.

imago images / Patrick Scheiber

Bad slip for FC Bayern Alzenau in the ambitious SG Baroque city of Fulda-Lehnerz. From the 30th minute onwards, disaster broke out over the relegated Regionalliga, Fuldas Reinhard fought his way to the ball on the right, fit sharply and flat into the center, where Duran was able to insert from close range (30th). The 2-0 was one of the brand “Traumtor”. An initially blocked flank ball landed at the feet of Hillmann, who welded the ball into the mesh from around 25 meters in the 36th minute. After a short time, SGB took the subsequent kick from the guests, played straight forward and Rummel was able to push a free-standing cross into the goal from the left in the penalty area. Topic brought Alzenau up again in the 39th minute, but shortly before the break whistle Duran increased, who pulled into the penalty area from the left and executed it flat.

Only six minutes were completed in the second round, so the Barockstädter just continued: After a quick ball relay on the right, the leather hit the post, Rummel reacted with presence of mind and dusted off to 5: 1. Alzenau just did not get into the duels properly, was always a step too slow and so it was significant that in the 57th minute a harmless pass to all the visiting defenders rolled into Reinhard’s run, who hit the far corner in the penalty area . The end point had a similar sequence: The substitute Vogel walked from the right far too unmolested into the penalty area, his flat cross from the baseline rolled over detours to Rummel, who netted from a few meters in the 78th minute. With their third win in their third game, the SG Barockstadt underpinned their high ambitions, while Alzenau, despite the overwhelming 1: 7, has a balanced record of one win and one defeat.

FC Hanau 93 also pursues high demands, but the start of the season failed with three defeats at 2:10 goals. At 1. FC 06 Erlensee it was a 0: 4 package. Wagner shot the 06er in the 7th minute in the lead, Zimpel got the half-time lead in the 20th minute. The same Zimpel made the mood in the Hanau camp ever darker in the 60th minute. As a kind of bracket of the day, Wagner closed the scoring day with his 4-0 in the 85th minute, which he himself had opened in the 7th minute. Speaking of “seven”, with this number of points, the men from the air base are in second place.

Stadtallendorf with first victory

If Alzenau got under the wheels, TSV Eintracht Stadtallendorf, the other relegated regional league, did a lot better: After the entertaining 3: 3 draw in Fernwald during the week, the team of coach Dragan Sicaja celebrated its first victory against KSV Baunatal. A nice volley from Heuser in the 8th minute meant the 1-0 lead. But then the TSV had a hard time and soon conceded the equalizer through a penalty converted by Cakmak (14th). It got better in the second half when both teams played more fluidly forward. In the 60th minute, Berninger-Bosshammer faked a Phillips header into his own net. After that the spectators saw some chances on both sides, but it was a close home win.

In the remaining Saturday game, Vogt shot his Hünstelder SV to a 2-0 win at SV 1920 Neuhof, who had started the game with two draws. Hünfeld already has a better record, jumps into third place with the second win in the third game.

On Sunday, SV Steinbach 1920 and Buchonia Flieden faced each other, but they didn’t really move. In any case, both teams are still without a win after the 2: 2 in the direct duel, at least the Steinbachers were able to score their first two goals.

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