Entre Ríos: three people died after the car in which they were traveling crashed and set on fire

Three people died this Saturday night, in the Entre Ríos town of Villaguay, after the car in which they were traveling on Route 18 in a section that is not enabled, collided with a storm drain and caught fire. The fatalities could not yet be identified.

The event occurred after 21 on Saturday at kilometer 105 and a half on a non-authorized section of National Route 18, where the highway is built.

There, a Honda City “collided with a storm drain, which is like a little bridge, and completely caught fire,” explained the head of the Villaguay Police Department, Walter Reisenauer, in statements to El Once.

According to the police report cited by the aforementioned local media, at the scene of the incident, “it was possible to see a car facing east to west located in the unauthorized section of the highway which, for reasons that are being established, would have collided with the cement base of a storm drain, catching fire completely”.

Inside the vehicle there was a completely charred body, and two other bodies of male sex without life on the cement base of said construction. Police personnel immediately arrived at the scene and are now trying to identify the fatal victims.

Police personnel from the Raíces Oeste Police Station, General Urquiza, the Criminalistics Division also worked at the site, and the Villaguay Volunteer Firefighters and members of the Villaguay Road Safety and Prevention Directorate also collaborated.

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