End of the transfer period: Sekt or Selters at Eintracht

AThis Tuesday there will be a festive mood at Eintracht. That doesn’t really fit in with the sporting situation of the club. But no one could have suspected that weeks ago when they were looking for a date when the new building of the professional camp would be presented to the public as part of a festive opening event. The times when the club managed its things inside the stadium due to its constant growth in a confined space, from ticket sales to strength training for the Bundesliga team, will be a thing of the past.

In the past few months, an imposing building has been erected within throwing distance of the arena, on the street in the city forest, which recently received the postal address “In the heart of Europe” from the city Everything here revolves around the traditional association, which will soon have 100,000 members: The winged heraldic animal of Eintracht is emblazoned on the facade in black on a white background, next to the roof-top terrace on the roof it also greets all those who take the Rhine by plane in red -Main and approaching the city.

Lots of glass and a spacious outdoor area stand in striking contrast to the previous bunker-style accommodation and thick black metal doors, behind which the employees sometimes stood on their feet because there was a lack of space and retreats, because the expansion course made it necessary that all employees sometimes got closer to each other than some would have liked.

What will happen to Filip Kostic?

From now on there is more freedom of movement, and last but not least, the players were impressed by the possibilities in the modern eagle’s nest when they moved in. One of the first people who insisted on taking a walk through the rooms immediately after the construction workers had left was Filip Kostic, who then posted photos of himself and his buddy Kevin Trapp on social media as they both went on a sightseeing tour was.

A smile crossed the face that was otherwise hidden behind mirrored sunglasses. Trapp is in action with the German national team this week, Kostic with the Serbian. Overall, head coach Oliver Glasner, who has his hands full to form a team that meets first-class standards, is not available to 13 men because they have to meet international obligations.

Whether Kostic will go hunting for goals again – in the service of unity – remained open at the beginning of the week. The Serb has astonished and angry the Eintracht leadership with his refusal to take part in training on Friday and thus allegedly to accelerate the process of switching that is supposed to bring him to Lazio Rome. His side will not be able to count on any concession in the negotiations. Kostic’s interests are represented by the Lian Sports Group, which otherwise also takes care of the concerns of Leroy Sané, Ante Rebic and Luka Jovic.

Fali Ramadani, the head of the consulting agency, is one of the most influential pullers in the industry, whose good contacts Eintracht has repeatedly made its own in the recent past. It looks like Ramadani and the sports director Fredi Bobic, who was divorced from Eintracht in the strife, signed a deal twelve months ago in the Kostic matter, which Markus Krösche now has to see how he gets along with. Bobic himself moved on to Hertha BSC for the money, and his successor is faced with the (unpleasant) task of having to negotiate with the Kostic party about promises that Bobic is said to have made verbally.

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