Elections 2021: What should I do if I am not on the final roll?

A little over two weeks before the 2021 elections, where the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory (STEP) will take place, Many of the citizens are not registered in the National Registry of Voters to be able to vote on September 12. What to do if that happens?

Voters who want to participate in the next legislative elections and are not registered to do so, The National Electoral Chamber had a deadline to claim this inconvenience, and that period has already expired. In this sense, those who do not appear in the definitive registry will not be able to cast their vote in the primary elections in Argentina.

“Voters will be empowered to request, up to twenty (20) days before the electoral act, that the errors and omissions in the register be corrected. This may be done personally or by registered letter with notice of receipt, free of charge, and the Judges will have a note of the rectifications and inscriptions that may take place in the copies of the court, and in which they must send for the election to the president of the election “, says article 33 of the National Electoral Code.

As provided by the electoral system, the people who are absent on the day of the primary election must justify the reason for it. In other words, it will be necessary to show that they were excluded from the National Registry of Voters.

In view of this, it is recommended to observe the provisional electoral roll to avoid this type of situation and to give notice of omissions of voters or inclusion of the deceased in the roll.

On the other hand, on November 14, the General Elections will take place. There is defined, in most of the districts, the renewal in the Chamber of Deputies and Senators.

Prior to this, the final registers will be known on October 15, and the designated table authorities will be ratified. As of October 30, the places and the final voting tables will be known.

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