Elden Ring will not support 3D audio on Playstation 5

Developer says they are looking at ways to implement tactile feedback

One of the main points announced in the Playstation 5 is its 3D sound system announced by Sony, which has a chipset just for processing this technology. However, in this early generation only a few games are supporting this new feature, and now another major release will be without this feature. That’s because the FromSoftware announced that Elden Ring will not support console 3D audio, but should come with tactile feedback features.

Who said this was the promotion, marketing and production employee at the studio, Yasuhiro Kitao, who exclusively answered a question asked by the portal UnGeek. The site says that among the various questions he asked the company employee, they took the opportunity to know some technical questions about how he works on the new console. Sony, mainly about these unique features of the PS5.

Both the technology of as 3D as the resources of tactile feedback present in DualSense were questioned by the portal, which received the response that FromSoftware it is notconsidering 3D audio at the moment, but we are looking for ways to implement DualSense control tactile feedback.”

With Kitao’s response, it was clear that for the launch the company is still not imagining bringing this better audio technology to the Elden Ring, at least at launch. This is no surprise, because the studio’s new game is still cross-gen, so it’s development focused to cover as many consoles as possible and doesn’t want to be a showcase of features available on the Playstation 5.

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In addition, the respondent gave a performance view that the FromSoftware you want to achieve with your new games, which shouldn’t be “too different from [suas] goals in previous games.” This means that the focus is on making the game work at 60 fps on next-gen consoles, with the old ones probably working with a lower frame rate, then the focus currently is on making the game’s performance keep up with what the studio intends to do., and not add new features.

But that doesn’t mean that the FromSoftware does not intend to use new generation novelties, as pointed out by Yasuhiro Kitao, the studiois finding ways to implement DualSense tactile feedback in your new game. But we will only know what this new thing will look like from January 22, 2022, which will be when Elden Ring will be released to Playstation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One e PC.


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Source: UnGeek

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