Ecologyk and Mikezin release “Chaos” with music video, watch now!

Mikezin is another artist to participate in the KM project of Asfalto Rec

Mikezin joins once more with Ecologyk and launches “Chaos”, and on top of an intense beat with dramatic violins, he sings interspersing faster flows with more stretched melodies, where the listener can feel in his voice, the feelings that the artist seeks to convey, the loyalty and love of who was with him before, disappearing with the passage of time and the insecurity that this brings. The rapper talks about this internal war he has, and his motivations to never give up, as only he is able to face his own demons.

Fruit Juice, that’s how the young talent, one of the greatest champions of the Battle of the Village, arrived on the scene, drawing attention with his flows and rhymes that turned Chris into Fruit Juice.
But it didn’t stop there, after the impact of the first major work, the evolution was constant. Is today Mikezin is considered to be one of the biggest revelations of battles when it comes to TRAP.

With a lot of vocal domain and motivational speech always present, the musical maturity is easily noticed in the artist’s latest releases. Michael Barbosa Rodrigues, presents himself in the rapper scene as “Mike MC” e “Mikezin”, 20 years old, was born in Itapevi, in the West Zone of São Paulo.

He started in rap battles while still in high school, rhyming between classes, so in 2019 he became champion of the Interstate of Batalha da Aldeia.

Then, solidified in freestyle, he migrated to the trap, the style in which he released his first EP, entitled “The Chosen One”, in August 2020.

Check out the clip below:

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