Durand Cornejo in Sin Vueltas: "My commitment is not to represent any party in Buenos Aires"

After the provincial elections of August 15, the polls are ready for the Primary, Open and Compulsory of September 12 to choose the candidates who will be able to participate in the national legislative elections in November and form the new Congress.

One of the candidates for national deputy is Guillermo Durand Cornejo, on the part of the United for Salta front, who was in dialogue with No Turns from Get informed analyzing their participation in these elections.

“My fundamental commitment is not to represent any political party in Buenos Aires and much less go to defend any president of the nation or national government, ”he declared directly adding that“ they vote for me in Salta, not in the city of Buenos Aires and I say it because I have seen with great sadness, not from now, if not always, that Salta people arrive in Buenos Aires and immediately become porteños ”, he criticized.

Durand Cornejo, who has already been in Congress representing Salta, asserted that the work context is difficult, especially now given the strong political division he would encounter if he were to take office. “We have two cracks, that has to be our challenge, to end hatred among Argentines and I am not going to pay attention to provocations, neither in the campaign nor in Buenos Aires in the task, I am not going to ride in any crack because we Argentines are suffering a lot ”due to this division, he considered.

“I am very sad with Kirchnerism because has installed hatred in this country

On the other hand, the candidate spoke of the political space through which he participates, stating: “United for Salta represents the province and the people of Salta, I have supported Governor Sáenz and the parties that support me now are the same ones that supported Sáenz to get to where it is, that is, there was no change, “he said.

Durand Cornejo also spoke of the teaching conflict. “For years I have been saying that teachers have to be the highest paid officials in the State, every year there are problems with the increase that is given to teachers, I support them but it seems terrible on the part of governments and a sector of teaching, that on the subject of educational quality not a word is said ”, he put on the subject of debates that should take place.

Finally, and on the problem of lack of employment, he was very hard to say: “There will be no job creation as long as the government we have continues, saying and doing the things it has been doing, they have been filling their mouths that they generate employment and do nothing to generate it “, he reproached them.

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