Dr. Dre is ready to release new album, says Flavor Flav

Dr. Dre may release new work after years

One of the most anticipated rap works in recent times is the new album by Dr. Dre. What is known about his next album, the first since Compton was released in 2015? So much, but so little – as usual, Doc chose to hide the songs, although some journalists have compiled a compilation of information about the album.

A pattern emerged, however. Dre seems to be connecting with several of his fellow OGs, throwing the project at them and allowing them to build up the hype shortly thereafter. we saw it with Grandmaster Flash. we saw it with Diamond D e Xzibit. Now, Flavor Flav confirmed his own involvement with the album, revealing that only he heard it – but that it’s in it.

During a recent appearance on the show Steve-O’s Wild Ride! podcast, Flav talked about his experience working with Doc. “I was at Doc’s house. Dre a week and a half ago”, he explains Flav. “One of the best people in the world. I’m honored that he recorded me something at his house for his upcoming album that’s about to be released. This is big for me. Flavor Flav in an album of Dr. Drand, this is big for me, bro.”, he added.

Of course, it goes without saying that nothing is final when it comes to Dre, and songs can be saved without explanation. Still, it’s exciting to hear the confirmation of Flav that the album is indeed “coming soon,” he said.

While this is purely an assumption, it seems safe to suggest that Flav probably recorded a song intro or possibly even a skit; so that we don’t forget the other morbid and cinematic film in “Loose Cannons”. Check out Flavor Flav’s Dre revelation below:

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