Dorrego: councilor seeks to avoid the clearing of olive trees after a letter from a neighbor

The controversy in Coronel Dorrego’s CD began weeks ago when El Perdido’s neighbor Carlos “Cali” Peciña warned that in a private establishment, on the way to Tres Arroyos, near Aparicio, they had dismantled a third of the historic olive trees in the area. district.

Aware that property owners are empowered to intervene in the same but alarmed by the magnitude of the clearing, Peciña sent a note to the CD to take into account the design of strategies to protect the resource and thus prevent an event of these characteristics repeated.

In the document, he expressed his “deep sadness and concern” when noting that the olive plantation of the La Mariana Establishment, located at Km 550, had been uprooted.

The fact – he argued – represents “an irreparable loss of more than 600 hectares of olive trees in our district, this being the Provincial Capital of Olivo”.

Councilor Hernán Agatiello took note of what happened and confirmed to La Nueva that he is working on the initial stage of a project that aims to preserve this resource.

“We respect this man who acted within his private property but we aim to carry out actions aimed at preserving the heritage of the olive tree in Dorrego,” he said.

“We appreciate that he has approached the CD to explain what he was doing, but the idea is to work so that it does not continue to happen and see if politics can intervene so that Dorrego is really the capital of El Olivo”, he reflected.

He assured that he supported Cali Peciña’s claim because he is a neighbor with whom he has worked on various projects for the community, very participatory and who is always predisposed for the population.

“I too, like him, am a defender of trees, of afforestation and that is why I addressed his concern. We are consulting with specialists who are making new plantations in Patagonia ”, he said.

“We want the tourist who passes the route to see our olive trees. That we can show our heritage, which, in addition, is part of an economically profitable activity. We want to continue encouraging plantations and make olive growing stronger and stronger ”, he pointed out.

The mayor presented several projects aiming at afforestation and tree care in aspects related to pruning and their presence in the squares of the district.

“Trees are the future of all and that is why we have to take care of them together,” he stressed.

“A few days after seeing the images that Cali sent me of the clearing, I went through the route and I couldn’t believe it. Seeing it in a photo is totally different from seeing it in person. It gives you a feeling that everything is devastated, destroyed, “he said.

He commented that the owner of the field where the olive groves were extracted was summoned by the CD and appeared before it claiming that the plants were sick, that it was irreparable, and that he was going to plant olive trees in the place.

“We are interested in this issue not only because Dorrego is the capital of the olive tree, but also because of the environmental damage caused by uprooting so many plants. That sector was a lung of Dorrego and Route 3 is the olive tree route ”, he said.

Imagine this situation: a tourist stops his vehicle on route 3 to buy a bottle of olive tree. look to the side, and see that they uprooted all the plants. It is a contradiction ”. said.

Agatiello is a native of Casilda, Santa Fe, he is 41 years old and has lived in Coronel Dorrego since he was 18 years old, when he moved with his family. Trader for many years and with a stake in the transport union, this is his first term as an opposition councilor. He headed the list of the candidate for mayor Osvaldo Barcelona.

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