Diego Flores is already Godoy Cruz’s new coach

Diego Flores, 40, stopped working with Bielsa a year ago and returned to Córdoba waiting for an opportunity to direct and pour all your experience.


Diego Flores is Godoy Cruz’s new coach to play in the Professional Football League.

Godoy Cruz’s new coach will have Eduardo Largi as physical trainer, Rubén Rodríguez as field assistant and he will surely add to his coaching staff some of the professionals who currently work at the club.

The new Tombino coach came to play in the first of the Las Flores Athletic Club of the Cordoba league. It was also coach at General Paz Juniors and is identified with Sportivo Belgrano de Almafuerte.

Flowers have the title of DT and that of physical trainer and an exchange trip to Ireland opened the doors for him to lead youth divisions at Kingswood in that country and then to contact Mauricio Pochettino and then Bielsa, with whom not only He was an assistant but also a translator at his legendary press conferences.

For the 10th date of the Professional League, Godoy Cruz will host Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata on Sunday, from 1:30 p.m., at the Feliciano Gambarte stadium.

This Monday, the de Godoy Cruz team had a break and this Tuesday he will resume the practices in Coquimbito, under the command of Gato Oldrá and awaiting the assumption of the new coach.

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