Despite the closure, they assure that the potato chip factory continues to operate

It was a few hours ago when Get informed made a replica of the closure by the municipality of a potato chip factory located in calle Syria at 1400, as part of an operation by inspectors of the Environment, Commercial Control and Food Science, due to irregularities and non-compliance with municipal regulations.

However when Get informed He contacted the neighbors to find out how they had taken the news of this action that they had been claiming for years, they denounced that the factory would not have cared about the closure or the girdles since they would have been working all weekend.

Lorena is one of the residents of the area who related the situation in that neighborhood of the February 20 neighborhood: “It is assumed that they were from the Municipality, the neighbors saw the strips and within minutes the strips were gone, we don’t know what happened, While they worked on Friday, Saturday and Sunday ”.

The woman assured that despite the presence of the municipality workers, verifying that they were placing the closing strips, “When they left the girdles were gone and they worked the weekend, I have the footage from my house and from another neighbor who was working, with the fireplaces and everything, “he said.

It should be remembered that this problem has been with this potato chip factory for a long time, which would operate in a neighborhood area not suitable for its installation, as well as carry out different irregularities regarding the care of the environment, cleaning, adding a chimney that throws all the smoke to the neighboring houses spilling grease.

They are working normal they had a bell person according to what a neighbor told me, today (for this Monday) they opened and were inside

This situation only generates more uncertainty for the neighbors who ask to be informed by the municipality what was the action they took, if the closure was effective or momentary and what happened so that, in a matter of hours according to the neighbor, they returned to operate and generate them ailments.

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