Debut at PSG: Messi’s gesture with an opponent despite the kicks received

It is clear that the highlight of the game between Reims and Paris Saint Germain visiting the Stade Auguste-Delaune was the historic debut of Lionel Messi with the Parisian club shirt.

About 60 minutes into the game, when Mauricio Pochettino sent the Rosario to warm up, the field exploded on all four sides. And that of the 22,000 spectators that filled the stadium (when, normally it gets about 9000, less than half) there were only 1000 ultras that had arrived from Paris.

When the Argentine entered, PSG was already winning 2-0 with a double from Mbappé. It will be necessary to see if it was the last game of the Frenchman intended by Real Madrid, the thing is that today it was clear that there may be a high society there.

Understanding the role of each one, the best player in the world and the one who will surely be his successor did not stop looking for each other by dint of touches and walls that did not end in a goal but that, in the city of champagne, they anticipated that they could offer a football to uncork.

But, if the reception of the Reims fans was incredible for the Argentine (which anticipates what Messi’s presentations will be on all French courts, with the exception of Marseille, the classic rival of Paris Sant Germain), the reception of the Reims players were not the best, according to Clarín.

It is that, when Mbappé decided to connect with Messi, the defenders of the city where the best Champagne in France is produced began to cut with foules. Some of them, quite violent, which caused the annoyance of Leo and Kylian, and also gave the Argentine an idea of ​​how rough his stay in his new destination can be.

Of course, in the end, everything was inside the court. And, after approaching to celebrate with the PSG ultras who had traveled to Reims, the requests of Leo from his rivals began. The usual: photos, t-shirts, autographs and a hug.

The one that attracted the most attention was that of the goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic who was waiting for him with a cute baby to take a picture of him. Yes, the Reims goalkeeper had the pleasure of asking Messi for a photo with his little son in his arms. What did the Argentine do? Despite the mistreatment he received during the 30 minutes he was on the court, he picked up the little boy and photographed himself with a smile.

As always, the Argentine showed his greatness on and off the field. Even in the midst of the excitement of a historic date: that of the first game of his life with the shirt of a club that is not Barcelona.

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