Death threats against Jana Maradona investigated

Jana Maradona received death threats, as did her mother, Valeria Sabalain, who resides in the Canary Islands, in Spain, according to sources close to the investigation.

In the last few hours, personnel from the Computer Crime Investigations Directorate of the Buenos Aires Police carried out a raid in a town in the province of La Pampa, within the framework of an investigation related to death threats received by Jana Maradona, daughter of Diego Maradona .

As reported by Diego Gabriele in C5N, It all started last March with a complaint made at the San Isidro Attorney General’s Office, where seven accounts of the social network Instagram and one email were specified, through which Jana Maradona was threatened with death, stating that “no claim your father’s inheritance. “

Once the complaint was filed, prosecutors Patricio Ferrari, Laura Capra and Cosme Iribarren, all of them members of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the San Isidro Judicial Department, began to coordinate actions together with technical areas of the Buenos Aires Police to find the origin of the intimidating messages.

That is why after several months of investigation by the Computer Crimes Division of the Cybercrime Investigations Directorate, together with the Regional Investigation Brigade 2 of La Pampa, carried out in the last hours a raid in the town of Speluzzi, in that province.

Gabriele also reported that computers and cell phones were seized at the local bakery in order to be later analyzed by the technical areas and contribute more content to the cause.

In the place was a man of approximately 60 years, owner of the internet service from which the threats were generated.

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