Death in Patagones: "The shot could be self-inflicted"said prosecutor Viego

“The preliminary information from the prosecutor’s doctor, Hernán López, is that it was apparently a suicide.”

That statement was made by the prosecutor Jorge Viego, at a press conference, when he announced details of the case that began after the persecution and death in Patagones.

The victim, who was driving the red Volkswagen Voyage and escaped from that city on Route 3 north to the border with Villarino (more than 150 kilometers) was identified as Leandro Ezequiel Zapata, 29 years old.

The young man – who was accompanied by Federico Crespo (27) – died of a gunshot to the head after colliding with two patrol cars that had been crossed on the road to stop their march.

The prosecutor did not rule out that he had taken his own life when he was cornered by the police and also confirmed that in the cabin “there was a weapon” (it would be caliber 38).

He said, always according to preliminary information, and awaiting the autopsy, that the shot entered through the right temple and left with an inclination back and up, through the left parietal.

“The projectile, for now, we do not have it in the body,” added the prosecutor.

In any case, Viego did confirm that there was a well-marked “tattoo” on the victim’s head, which is what leaves a shot fired at very close range.

“It was marked up to the barrel of the weapon, characteristic of a self-inflated shot,” he insisted.

On the other hand, he said that from the first video that transpired “it is not seen that there is anyone who gets into the car” nor is the broken window glass observed.

“Obviously this is preliminary,” he reiterated.

The prosecutor also confirmed that Franco Jesús Aguilante López (21), who was shot in a Descalzi home at 500 before the persecution was recorded, is the former of Zapata’s current partner.

The prosecutor also requested collaboration for those who can contribute other videos of the event and clarified the situation of Crespo, who was released.

“In principle, he was apprehended by the provincial police, as he participated in the attempted murder. The first measure I take is immediate release, because it would not be logical, when we are evaluating whether the police personnel acted well or not, that the witness remained in custody of them as apprehended. As this measure can be requested again, the logical thing was to take their fingerprints and do a dermotest, as we did, “he clarified.

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