Dardai: "I am not attached to my seat"

After three defeats at the start of the league, the tone at Hertha BSC is rougher. On the day after the 5-0 debacle at Bayern, coach Pal Dardai said: “I’m not hanging from my seat, I’m helping out.”

Relentlessly honest: Pal Dardai.

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Sports director Arne Friedrich set the tone for the coming days late on Saturday evening. “We will use the international break, realign ourselves and draw the right knowledge! What we have delivered today must not and will not be repeated!” Tweeted Friedrich – and promptly received applause from investor Lars Windhorst via Twitter: “Thanks for the clear Words. I fully agree with you. ”

Coach Pal Dardai called “the way” of the performance in Munich “shocking” after the 5-0 defeat and explained: “We wanted to be passionate and get everything out of it, we didn’t do that. The body language, the coaching among each other – that has doesn’t work at all. ” With a view to the extremely complicated two previous years and the botched start to the new season, the Hungarian said: “We are psychologically not in the best position.”

Schmidt: “Psychology is too easy for me”

Hertha CEO Carsten Schmidt contradicted the coach on Sunday morning in the Sport-1-Talk “Stahlwerk Doppelpass” and said: “I think that we didn’t have the deficits against Wolfsburg and Cologne in psychology, but partly in tactics and partly in And yesterday we were hopelessly inferior. I think more about the games I didn’t win before than about the 5-0 draw yesterday. We’ll talk about the performance, of course, it’s not acceptable. But psychology is too easy for me . ” But he also said: “I’m sure we can find recipes and Pal will find recipes to turn it around.”

Hertha BSC has probably been looking for a great coach for a long time. Pal is a nice little trainer.

Dardai sounded ruthlessly honest in a media panel on Sunday morning. “I’m not hanging on my seat, I’m helping out,” he explained. “In the summer it didn’t say that I necessarily do it. Hertha BSC has probably been looking for a great coach for a long time. Pal is a small, nice coach. He helps out as long as it should be. When a really great coach is here, Pal goes straight back to the U 16 and does his thing as before. I don’t want to be a burden here. ”

“Reality and desires – that is so far apart at Hertha”

At the same time, the coach vehemently advocated realistic expectations: “Last season I said I won’t do this because it’s impossible to save this team. Then they persuaded me, then I did it. And it was exactly just like I said. ” Relegation was “half a miracle”. Now “we have dreams out of nowhere again,” said Dardai. “If we say that this team is a Champions League or Europa League aspirant, we have a problem.” And further: “I want to win every game. But if someone doesn’t understand reality, then we have problems. Reality and desires – at Hertha they are so far apart.”

His description of the condition of the irritating defenseless and discouraged team in Munich: “Everyone was busy. Then you don’t have many chances. The opponent was too fast for us.” Dardai with a touch of fatalism: “I’m here for this year, as long as it should be: whether it’s next week or for a month – I’m not attached to my seat. I have no pressure. I don’t want to be a coach in any one Bundesliga club, I don’t need a helicopter for myself. I live very nicely in Berlin, have a really good flat-sharing community in Westend. If it’s not nice for the fans, then Pal is gone – it doesn’t matter. ” And to the address of his team he said: “I can protect the team up to a limit. Then the limit comes, then no more.”

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