Covid-19 Vaccination Calendar: Who can get vaccinated this Monday?

The Vaccination Schedule against him Covid-19 continues to be implemented in Chile by the Ministry of Health, a program that regulates the target groups that can be inoculated each day, with the herd immunity as a target.

Currently, in our country the drug has been applied to a total of 13,676,135 people, while 12,851,487 have received the two doses necessary to complete the scheme, corresponding to 84.54% of the population to which this campaign is aimed.

For this Monday, August 30, the Vaccination Calendar is aimed at the second injection, although it also considers two days for laggards who have not yet received the first. It should be remembered that the program for inoculation with the booster dose (the third) considers different groups for each day.

Who can get vaccinated against Covid-19 this Monday?

The Vaccination Schedule determines that this Monday the first dose with Sinovac, CanSino or AstraZeneca (according to age range), for laggards over 18 years of age. As well as the second injection for the population vaccinated with Sinovac or AstraZeneca.

The women who are pregnant, from 16 weeks of gestational age, who must present the Pregnancy Vaccination Form.

Vaccination Schedule

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