Covid-19 booster dose schedule: Who can get vaccinated this Monday?

At the same time Vaccination Schedule by Covid-19, the campaign is being carried out that contemplates the application of the booster dose, which aims to contain the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

Also led by the Ministry of Health, this program has achieved inoculation of 1,227,759 people, according to the latest update of the agency.

To get vaccinated with the booster dose, two factors must be taken into account: the age and the date the second injection was given, since from both it is determined when the third one corresponds.

Who can get the booster shot this Monday?

According to the Vaccination Schedule with the booster dose against Covid-19, this Monday they can be inoculated people aged 66 and over, who have received the second injection with Sinovac Until 4 of April.

In addition, they will be able to do so pimmunocompromised patients from 16 years.

Vaccination Schedule

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