Colo Colo was surpassed by Cobresal and could lose the exclusive leadership of the National Championship

Colo Colo left behind his streak of 15 consecutive games without knowing of defeats after falling this Sunday at the Monumental Stadium in front of Cobresal by 1-0, missing the chance to maintain the advantage in the leadership of the National Championship.

Despite the clear dominance of the “Cacique”, had difficulties to penetrate the iron defense of the miners who had one of the clearest at 24 ‘, but Brayan Hurtado could not give direction to the ball, which was lost in the background. The Cacique responded with a shot from Gabriel Costa (26 ‘) that Leandro Requena took from the angle.

The good rhythm of the match was interrupted with several fouls in mid-terrain, which made the match little fluid. A shot by Vicente Pizarro that narrowly missed (27 ‘) and another de Pablo Solari who did not cause danger for the rival goal, and not much more in the first half where the good defensive work of Gustavo Huerta’s pupils was imposed on the attack of those directed by Gustavo Quinteros.

It seemed that the complement would not be very different from the first fraction, but little by little the movements on the board paid off in the Cacique and Leonardo Gil had the first with a shot outside the area, unfortunately for his claims, the ball hit in the crossbar and hit the line, before the claims of “Colorado”, who could not believe that it was not a goal.

The Cacique was going through his best moment in the game and after a good cross from Miiko Albornoz, Ignacio Jara missed his header in an incredible way. Second unsuccessful option for the premises, who would suffer the fall of their portico in the 71 ‘, when Pablo Cárdenas overflowed in a great way through the right sector and found the newly admitted Marco Sebastián Pol alone, who controlled and beat Brayan Cortés. Surprise settled in Macul.

Morales’ first ruling

The final minutes had Popular trying by all means to achieve equality and near the end, the referee Cristian Garay took a penalty in favor of the host team, by a clear hand of Mario Pardo, who had been on the court for a few minutes . Iván Morales stood in front of the ball with full confidence to score, but Requena said something else and sent the ball to the corner. The goalscorer of the albos could not believe it.

Morales lost his first penalty this season

With this result, Colo Colo remained at 34 points and was at the mercy of the cement manufacturers, who if they defeated a Spanish Union, they can beat them at the top of the tournament. The Cacique must turn the page and prepare what will be the return of the semifinals of Copa Chile, precisely against Hispanics. For the championship, he will meet O’Higgins from 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 8.

Cobresal, meanwhile, continues with its good streak, adding its fourth consecutive victory, which allowed them to reach 25 units and settle in eighth place. Next Monday they will receive Ñublense at 11 in the morning.

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