Chano Charpentier’s first photo from the rehab center

The family of Chano Charpentier released the first photo of the singer in the rehabilitation center where he continues his fight against drugs, after being discharged for the serious injuries caused by the shooting at burning clothes by a policeman in a confusing episode .
After having been hospitalized for several days in the Otamendi Sanatorium for a gunshot wound to the abdomen, for which they had to undergo an emergency surgical intervention where they removed the spleen, part of the pancreas and the left kidney. The Tan Biónica frontman continues his recovery at a drug rehab clinic.

In the last hours, Esteban Charpentier went to visit his nephew and then posted a photo on his Instagram account where they are seen hugging, smiling, and Chano holding a book “Gone with the wind.” The image is accompanied by the following message: “Look who reads the book.”

This image brings peace of mind to Chano’s fans and is added to the statements issued by the family where he tells how his health continues to evolve.

Meanwhile, Bambi Charpentier a few days ago wrote on his Instagram account: “A little over a month passed from a horror movie that we had to live as a family. There was not a single day that I did not receive messages of support, good vibes and concern. Perhaps thanks to the music we make, which in some strange way allows me to be part of their lives; or for whatever reason, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. “


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