Chano and his first photo at the rehabilitation center

After spending more than two weeks in the clinic, he was discharged and referred to a rehabilitation center to treat his drug addiction. Its evolution is kept completely hermetic.

Your uncle Esteban Charpentier published in the last hours a photo of the artist.

In the capture the musician and the writer are seen in the open air. As his uncle hugs him, he smiles holding the text Gone with the Wind. Poetry in comic. “Look who reads the book,” Esteban wrote in the post.


Bambi’s message, brother of Santiago Moreno Charpentier

Gonzalo Moreno Charpentier, Chano’s brother, shared a message on his Instagram stories telling a bit about the musician.

“A little more than a month passed from a horror movie that we had to live as a family. There was not a single day that did not receive messages of support, good vibes and concern. Perhaps thanks to the music we make, that from some strange It allows me to be part of their lives, or for whatever reason, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, “wrote Bambi in his networks.


Chano’s video before being discharged

Santiago Chano Moreno Charpentier expressed himself through a video shortly before being discharged, scheduled for this day.

“Hello, dear friends, I am Chano from the Otamendi hospital, the place where I miraculously recovered“begins the video broadcast by his family, in which he also explains that he communicates in this way not because it is a” capricious manifestation of indifference “but because now he needs to put himself” first. “

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