Central was pure forcefulness once again and thrashed Central Córdoba in Santiago

Photo Press Rosario Central

Good game and better result. Central beat Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero 4-2 and thus ratified what it had achieved on Wednesday at the Gigante against Arsenal. Kily’s team reached seven units after three games played in a week. He won again as a visitor after more than 15 games, he took off from the bottom of the table and was one win away from putting Sudamericana in the qualifying zone.

The Scoundrel returned to add three as he did days ago. He showed a high level in several of his footballers and collectively he showed an interesting game against Gustavo Coleoni’s team.

Central was effective in his excursion to Santiago del Estero and got the second win in a row. And again he scored four goals. In the Canalla there were good individual performances that gave the team a better shape.

And the result was a solid performance in the Mother of Cities. El Canalla played well in all lines, he was solid in defense (beyond the two goals that he was converted), he struggled and had a game with his midfielders and the attackers were fundamental pieces during almost the entire match, especially Marco Ruben, who dialed in duplicate.

In the first half the rival had some clear goal situations, but always collided with a solid Fatura Broun. On the other hand, those generated by Central were lethal for the locals: first it was Ávila in the lead and then Ruben entering as a center forward, who were able to defeat Rigamonti. El Canalla was more effective than Central Córdoba and that is why he went to rest up by a difference of two.

After the break, Coleoni sent him to Latanzio to play and the railroad improved. Thus he quickly reached the discount from the hand of Giménez, who took advantage of a rebound in the middle that Broun gave and scored the goal. Central was not hit by the goal and had two key plays to extend the advantage, but they were deactivated by Rigamonti.

The minutes went by, the game broke down and the middle of the field was a channel for the two teams. There was an important moment in the game and it was when Maciel saw the second yellow and from that free kick that Blanco executed in a good way, Almada’s goal arrived. The game seemed to end there; However, Ribas wrote the ex’s law and the rival met again, five from the end. But again, Ruben appeared on the Kily team to finish the game.

Central won again. It showed once again, as it had in the first two games of the week, that it is a serious team and that it is determined to go for the top squad. Above, on his excursion to Santiago, he managed to reconnect with the three points outside the Giant. An ideal week end.

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