Central beat Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero

Rosario Central beat Central Córdoba, from Santiago del Estero. by 4 to 2, as a visitor and continues to recover positions in the Professional Football League tournament, in a match corresponding to the ninth date of the competition.

Gastón Ávila (15m PT), Marco Ruben (26m PT and 45m ST) and Facundo Almada, scored for the second consecutive victory for the Rosario team, while Milton Giménez (7m ST) and Sebastián Ribas (40m ST) ), discounted for the santiagueño.

The first part was a round trip between both teams, with Rosario Central arriving on the right with Damián Martínez departing to assist striker Lucas Gamba and Central Córdoba on the left with Alejandro Martínez leaving to give the ball to Milton Giménez.

At 13 minutes the Santiago team was able to open the scoring when Abel Argañaraz defined from outside and forced Jorge Broun to cover up.

But at 15 minutes Damián Martínez advanced on the left and threw a cross that Gastón Ávila managed to head to make the first goal of the “rogue” team.

And at 26 Gamba on the right, he sent a cross to Marco Ruben, who was able to score the second goal for the Rosario team, which from then on, began to dominate the match.

In the second stage, control was once again led by “Kily” González, where once again goalkeeper César Rigamonti covered a ball to Gamba, which could have been the third for Central.

But Central Córdoba did not give up and gave battle to the Santa Fe team and a move by the admitted Carlo Lattanzio, allowed Milton Giménez to discount at 7 minutes.

When the game seemed to be starting to benefit the local team, he was sent off for a double warning in the 27th minute by defender Alejandro Maciel and those led by Gustavo Coleoni felt the impact.

So it was that at 29 minutes Rosario Central again, this time with Facundo Almada, struck for the third time and at 40m. Sebastián Ribas discounted for Central Córdoba, until in the last play of the match, again the experienced Ruben, sentenced the match on time for the Rosario team.

On the next date, Central Córdoba will travel to the Buenos Aires district of Florencio Varela, to be measured on Friday, September 3 at 7:00 p.m. with Defense and Justice, and Rosario Central will receive at its stadium on Saturday 4, from 8:15 p.m. to Boca Juniors.


Central Córdoba (SE): César Rigamonti; Gonzalo Bettini, Alejandro Maciel, Oscar Salomón and Jonathan Bay; Lucas Brochero, Jesús Soraire, Cristian Vega and Alejandro Martínez; Abel Argañaraz; Milton Giménez, DT: Gustavo Coleoni

Rosario Central: Jorge Broun; Damián Martínez, Facundo Almada, Gastón Ávila and Lautaro Blanco; Diego Zabala, Emmanuel Ojeda and Luciano Ferreyra; Michael Covea; Lucas Gamba and Marco Ruben. DT: Cristian “Kily” González.

Goals in the first half: 15m Gastón Ávila (RC) and 26m. Marco Ruben (RC).

Goals in the second half: 7m. Milton Giménez (CC), 29m. Facundo Almada (RC), 40m. Sebastián Ribas (CC).

Change in the first half: 40m. Mateo Montenegro by Vega (CC)

Changes in the second half: At the start Carlo Lattanzio for Brochero (CC), 20m. Sebastián Ribas for Argañaraz (CC), 21m. Nicolás Ferreyra for Covea (RC), 34m. Milton Caraglio for Gamba (RC) and Fernando Torrent for Martínez (RC), 39m. Lautaro Torres for Soraire (CC) and Juan Cruz González for Bettini (CC) and 45 + 2m. Francesco Lo Celso by Ferreyra (RC).

Admonished: Maciel, Argañaraz, Rigamonti and Lattanzio (CC).

Incidence in the second half: 27m. sent off for double warning Alejandro Maciel (CC).

Referee: Darío Herrera.

Stadium: Unique Stadium – Mother of Cities (Santiago del Estero).

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