Capusotto already has his new Violencia Rivas: it is Laura Radetich

Now the term crawl rumbled in the voice of the teacher Kirchnerist Laura Radetich (58) who starred in the most viral video of this end of August 2021. The filming, made from a cell phone by a student, shows her in front of the classroom enraged, taken out, screaming and lowering political line in the worst way to another student who had the toupee to question Cristina.

“That is formidable”

The teacher repeatedly alluded to ” the tarasca that Macri and his friends stole by leaking money out of the country. ” And, in the manner of Capusotto’s characters, such as Violencia Rivas, showed the lint by exhibiting pathetic confusion and mixing exacerbated militancy with berreta teaching . The incident occurred in a fourth year of a public school in La Matanza.

However, the highest authority in the country celebrated the event: “This debate is formidable. It opens your head and invites you to think. Students must be raised with doubts “said Alberto Fernández. He was also applauded by the well-known Kirchnerista national deputy and former journalist Gabriela Cerruti, according to her, “in which there is academic freedom”, although she clarified that she did not like the distempered screams of the teacher.

Who should have backed down – as has happened other times – was the Minister of Education of the Nation, Nicolás Trotta, who, after saying that the teacher’s thing was “inadmissible”, found that the head of the Casa Rosada did not think like him.

Anyone who takes the trouble to review the video will be able to confirm how a teacher can be exorbitant while in front of a class for the sole fact that did not like the question or the opinion of a teenager . Here is a teacher who does not know how to handle a discussion with political overtones with intelligence and measure. The boy took her out of his script and she got out of control.

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Radetich also teaches in a tertiary of teacher training, that is, those who prepare future educators . These institutes have been from the beginning of Kirchnerism one of the targets to “colonize” and several “achievements” are to be recognized.

In addition to having a degree in History, the teacher is a master’s degree in new educational technologies , title achieved in Salamanca. We assume that what he did in La Matanza he did not learn in Spain. It’s true: there are things that Salamanca does not lend . Criterion, for example.

In Mendoza, a few weeks ago it transcended a similar fact . A more conservative tint teacher, Carlos Pincolini , was filmed by students of a private school while – out of himself – shouted atrocities and hit desks with his fists. His fury was because when entering the classroom he had found images of Carlos Menem and Marcelo Tinelli on the blackboard, against whom he unleashed his fury. He could have done it in a civilized way, but he opted for folly.

Jeremiah puts order

Interviewed by the Buenos Aires channels with his parents, Jeremiah (16), the boy who debated with the teacher and who, unlike her, kept the line, said that “it was a normal class but that Suddenly she went out of tune and got like they saw her “.

Jeremías (name whose origin in Hebrew is “God puts order”) added: “It was not necessary to shout. The challenge was to be calm, to show that you can talk. However, he got out of control and did not calm down. It lasted about 45 minutes with the same tone. To all this, I did not know that there was a colleague recording “.

When asked by journalists if he wanted to say something to Alberto Fernandez and to Radetich, the boy’s response was blunt: “I don’t want to say anything to the President, I suppose he must have had fun with the video. And I only ask the teacher not to disrespect me “.

The student’s father commented that he is analyzing as a family to change the school. “If that is the solution so that they do not treat him badly, I will do it.”

More than once in these columns we have praised the ability or patience of many teachers to understand and guide adolescents, those who go through one of the most changing and difficult stages of human growth . This leads some guys to disrespect and rebel in unexpected ways.

It could be said then that that of Radetich It has gone against nature, with forgiveness of the word.

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